December 19, 2003

I spent most of the morning sleeping today since I was still working until 7:30 this morning. A full twenty-four hour day. I got up this afternoon just in time to run up to the city to do some shoe shopping. I got a new pair of New Balance sneakers and Min got some semi-dress shoes. I ran over to Hollywood Video to take back a movie that we had bought that didn’t play all the way through and while I was there I also picked up Agent Cody Banks and Adaptation. Then we headed back to get ready for the Friday Night Frag. While we were gone, Andy’s new Shuttle XPC arrived.

Art and Jeremy arrived at 9:00. We played four games of AoE2. We quit at 4:30 am. I won all four games tonight. Whoo-hoo. Andy only made it in for the final game.

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