December 20, 2003

Wow, Christmas is almost upon us. Today is the last day of Autumn. I got to bed pretty late last night, about 5:30, and slept in till 11:00 this morning when Jeremy’s dad came to get him. I spent most of the day downstairs on the computer. Min is heading out to Frankfort today with her sister. She is going to be hanging out with her family until Tuesday. So we went out to get lunch and do some quick Christmas shopping this afternoon. We didn’t get very much done, though, because Min had to meet Francesca and crew in Rochester and they ended up running early so she had to take off quickly.

Andy and I watched Freaky Friday and then went out for dinner and to do some more shopping. It was a cute movie. Both Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan do great jobs. We got back to the house and watched Agent Cody Banks. It is a cute movie but really, really silly. The movie is very poorly thought out. In fact, a lot of the problems were in dialogue. Like the important dialogue that explained the plot of the movie (these “nanobots” can eat anything that is carbon or silicon based) and then proceed throughout the entire movie to have the nanobots specifically eat anything that ISN’T carbon or silicon based. In fact, the only the to contain the nanobots is water (ice) or glass (umm… glass is made of silicon.) And they use common props for some pretty silly things. Their “lock braking” hardware is an Apple iPod and their nanobot remote control is a Sharp Zaurus (yes, identical to mine.) But, if you don’t take it too seriously, it is okay. I hate when they go through the effort of explaining things but don’t bother to explain them the way that they need to for the movie to make sense (sound like Quiditch in Harry Potter 1? – even Andy who never read the books figured out that the movie got the rules of the game wrong just because they didn’t make any sense at all.)

After that, I moved on to watching Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. I am not a big Bullock fan but I am a phenominal fan of Grant. He has been rocking hard ever since Impromptu in 1991 but even moreso after Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994 (which coincidentally also starred another character also from Two Weeks Notice but I will let you figure out who it is since I don’t know his real name.)

I stayed up incredibly late working on a computer, watching movies and doing “house maintenance.” I got tons of cleaning and even laundry done and some caring of the hamster. I started watching Adaptation which is a very strange movie. It is a fictitious story about and by the writer of Being John Malkovich – Charlie Kaufman.

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