December 21, 2003

Today is my first Minless day. This morning I had a few errands to run and then I headed over to my aunt and uncle’s house to celebrate my cousin’s birthday (which is actually tomorrow.) I hung out there for a while and then I took my cousin up to Rochester to do some shopping. We went to Media Play and then I had to head back home to get there before Bob got there after the football game (the Bills got their butts kicked by Miami – Nate and Bob went to the game.) Bob got over to the house around 6:00 and then Andy, Bob and I headed over to the Omega Grill for some dinner.

Andy has been trying out a new video game, Call of Duty. It is absolutely gorgeous. The graphics are amazing. I can’t believe what a good job they did making it. Bob decided that he really needs to get a new computer right away so that he can play it too.

We decided to play some Quake II tonight. It has been so long since we played! I downloaded tons of new maps for us to play so that we could have some variety since we have gotten to know the old Quake maps pretty well by this point. There were some really good ones. Unfortunately, after not too long, I got some motion sickness or vertigo from playing and I had to stop before I got really sick.

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