December 22, 2003

Bob is here all day today hanging out. He got into town yesterday evening and is staying until late tomorrow. I ended up having to get up and deal with a ton of little emergencies this morning. Tons of little things came up. I was feeling pretty sick all day because of all of the Quake II that we played last night and my head was spinning from it. Andy, Bob and I hit Aunt Cookies for some subs. Mmm, mmm, good. I haven’t had Aunt Cookies in a while and it tasted really good. Since Min doesn’t like subs, I almost never get a chance to get any.

Bob really enjoyed Anyd’s Call of Duty so they decided to drop me off at the house and that they would head out to get a copy for Bob that he will just leave at our house since Bob’s computer can’t handle the game. I just went home and took a nap for most of the afternoon hoping to wear out the effects of the game from last night. When I got up, we headed straight off to Tinseltown in Gates to see The Return of the King again. Bob hadn’t seen it yet so he was really excited. Seeing it at Tinsletown was so much better than seeing it in Geneseo. After the movie we headed over to Jay’s for some late dinner.

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