December 23, 2003

I had to run to Perry this morning to drop off something with a client and Bob and I decided to go to the Silver Lake Country Market for some subs. The market has some of the best subs anywhere. Aunt Cookies in Geneseo is really good and the Market. They are the two best places in the whole area. Yummy yummy.

After we got back from Perry, Bob and I played a couple of rounds of Call of Duty. That game is pretty cool for multi-player games. But it really needs more than just two people playing to make it really work. Because of how slow the game is, you need to have more players to keep things interesting.

I did some final cleaning before Min got home while she did some last minute shopping in Henrietta. Min got home around 5:00. She was very glad to be home for a little bit. I have a missed my Minca!

After Min got home, I gave her my present which was a new copy of The Sims because she lost her old one and the two new expansion packs. I had already installed them on her computer the other night while she was away because they take so long to install. So she played that most of the night. It has been a whole year since she had been able to play it and we had even upgraded her computer to Windows XP and gotten a faster her a faster machine with more memory just so that she could play the game. So she played that most of the evening. I played some Call of Duty that Bob left here. Min played until half an hour before she had to go to work and then she took a short nap while Andy and I watched some Fawlty Towers.

After Min went to work Andy and I went to Mama Mia’s for some dinner – delicious pizza and then we went to Walmart because Andy wanted to get the movie Tora Tora Tora but they must have sold out because they used to have it but didn’t have it anymore. We did find Jackie Chan’s The Medallion which just released today or yesterday. So we went home and watched that. I am sorry to have to report that The Medallion is one of the worst Chan flicks in years and years. Even worse than The Tuxedo which no one can seem to believe. It is lacking all of the great, classic Chan moves and is just silly. Forlani makes a decent Chan girl but that is about all there is to say about this film. There just is nothing to it.

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