May 24, 2004

This morning I got up in time to make it to the last few minutes of the hotel’s continental breakfast. I really need to get myself out of bed early enough to take advantage of free food. I have to pay for it anyway. That would save a lot of money over the time period that I am going to be hanging out down here.

I got into the hospital and spent most of the day working on little things around the office. Min isn’t heading for home until tomorrow afternoon so I am in no hurry to get back home.

I made it out of the office around 3:00 and went over to Ellis Island with John for a little while. He had a really long day and needed a drink. We hung out a little bit and I managed to head out of town around 4:00.

The drive from Washington to Geneseo is really a long one. I am used to the much shorter voyage from Ithaca to Annapolis. But going to Geneseo is almost two hours farther and it is enough to make the trip rather an arduous undertaking. I have some books on CD with me so I listened to them in the car. I listened to the next two books from Janet Evanovich, “Two for the Dough” and “Three to Get Deadly”. I sure do love murder mysteries on CD. I could probably drive forever as long as I have good books to listen to while I do it.

I got into Geneseo around 1:00am. I got the car partially unpacked and hung out with the Loopster until about 2:00am. Work was started on the basement today and the beginnings of walls are starting to appear down there. It is weird to imagine having actual rooms in my basement. We picked this house because of the basement but that was so long ago and it never seemed like it was really going to happen. But it is happening now. Very cool. By the time I finally got to bed, I was really tired.

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