June 28, 2004

It was kind of weird waking up in an Observatory in Ithaca this morning. Min had to get up and get to work. I had a little bit more flexibility so I waited to leave until after she went to work. I stopped by the office for a few minutes but then headed on down to the State Street Diner to meet Bob for breakfast. I haven’t eaten at State Street in a long time. I bet it has been almost a year. Which is weird because I used to eat there a couple of time a week and then suddenly one day we moved away and I haven’t been there for almost a year!

After breakfast I drove down to Big Flats to go to the Barnes and Nobles. I had to exchange my copy of “Washington’s Crossing” again because the disk was bad in the exact same place. So I will try purchasing it at some other time from somewhere else because I am guessing that they just got a bad batch of them. So I exchanged it for one of B&N’s new Portable Professor series called “Patriots: Brotherhood of the Revolution”. I will let you know how that is. This new series is a series of lectures from university professors. This are actual lectures with an actual class sitting in on them. It is a pretty neat way to do these CDs. I think that it will be really interesting.

I got home in the afternoon and there was plenty to do just being home.

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