June 29, 2004

This morning I worked at home while Min is still in Ithaca working at Lifestyles. I did a bit of cleaning around the house today to surprise Min when she gets home. I managed to clean the entire upstairs except for Andy’s areas.

I had to go see the doctor this afternoon about my foot. The doctor thinks that my foot is doing okay and that we should just keep going with the current treatment. So, we just keep plodding along.

Min got home around 6:00 and was pretty surprised with how nice and clean the house was. We hung out for a little while but she had to go to work tonight so we didn’t get see each other very much. So to make the best use of our time, we ordered a pizza from Mamma Mia’s and went down to the theatre and watched Rustler’s Rhapsody. That is a hilarious movie. I haven’t seen it since I was pretty young and it was all familiar but there was a lot that I really didn’t remember.

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