June 30, 2004

Boy have I slacked off on getting the dailies posted. Being back in Geneseo keeps me both really busy and not using my laptop. Between the two, I just don’t tend to get anything done.

After staying up late last night, I actually ended up getting up early today. Long before Min got home from work. I spent most of the day working around the house. Plenty of work to do with only a few days here at home. Min got home from work and decided not to go to bed but instead started working on spackling the basement theatre room in the hopes of getting it much closer to completion as quickly as possible. She ended up running out of spackle in no time. So we have to go shopping soon to get more of that and to get paint as well because we are going to paint the basement in the next few days.

Dad came over to Geneseo late this morning and had lunch with Min and I over at the Omega Grill.

Min and I went up and had dinner with Phil and Kate this evening at Cracker Barrel. I am borrowing Phil’s truck this evening to move some stuff over to dad’s house. We had to kind of hurry back from dinner so that Phil and Min would have enough time to get to work tonight.

So Andy and I began moving stuff over to dad’s around 11:00. We ended up taking two loads over to put in the barn. We moved the patio bar set over there because it has been taking up way too much room in the garage and the rest was just trash that needed to go over there. I had been doing a lot of cleaning in the basement and it had produced a tremendous amount of trash that needed to go somewhere. So that really helped clear up a lot of space in the basement.

After taking the two loads over, I ran the truck back up to Rochester and picked my car back up. Then I stopped by the hospital and did some work there and hung out with Phil for a while. I didn’t end up getting home until about 4:30am but I did get a lot done while I was at the hospital.

I am going to go ahead and post on July 1. I am leaving the wedding weekend blank because it was so busy that I had no way to write anything at all but I will be going back and filling it all in. So don’t forget to check back there and see the details.

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