August 12, 2004

Well, no sleep for me today. I went to bed with Min at 11:00 this morning but the phone ended up ringing so often that I really got practically no sleep at all. I got out of bed just before 4:00 pm and got back to work on my main computer. It is working but there is still a lot work to be done getting updates done and software installed and setting configured. Min managed to keep sleeping after I got up.

I have an interview in Albany next Tuesday at 2:30 that I am really excited about. So everyone needs to pray that it goes well. It is only a 3-4 month contract but it is a really perfect job for me both in timing and in definition. It will let Min quit working at the hotel as well which will make her very happy. Min woke up at a quarter to 7:00.

The three of us went out to Avon to get dinner at Peppermints. That is a really nice place. We don’t go there often enough. After dinner we came home and just hung out for a little bit before Min had to go to work. After Min went to work, Andy and I headed over to Denny’s for some coffee. We worked on Project NSP (secret project with a codename) until 3:00 in the morning. I needed to get home and get to bed because dad is picking me up in the morning to go out to breakfast. And since I only got about one hour of real sleep today, I will need at least a little bit before tomorrow.

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