October 1, 2004

Well, the sad thing is that last season’s archives are the shortest since the beginning of 2002! That is very depressing. I really will try to do better this season. Look, I am already doing updates and it is just the first day of the season. I am really on top of things.

I did a bunch of work here during the day trying to get things taken care of as much as possible before heading out of town for the weekend. We are trying to get some polo shirts embroidered for this week because we have a number of Micrsoft events that we are going to be attending and we want to have everyone organized and showing off that we are with Niagara as much as possible. But we weren’t able to get the shirts that we wanted in town this morning so Min and I ended up running up to Rochester to find some. That was a pain. But it ended up going pretty quickly so it wasn’t all that bad.

We managed to hit the road around 4:30. The drive was good, we made it a little early for the rehearsal dinner at the country club in Frankfort. Dinner was really good, it was a buffet but the vegetarian selection was delicious.

After dinner it was over to Min’s parent’s house and off to bed. They still are without a television after their old one burned up a few weeks ago so there isn’t even television to watch. That was good, though, because it encouraged us to get off to sleep early so that we can be ready for tomorrow.

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