October 31, 2004

Boy am I glad that we gained the extra hour last night, I really needed it. I have been falling farther and farther behind on sleep all week. Min and I did manage to make it to church this morning. That is like two whole weeks in a row! Actually I think that it has been three. Whoa. Pretty amazing.

After church we went into Perry and had lunch with dad at the Silver Lake Family Restaurant where we have lunch every Sunday. After lunch Min and I ran home to get her off to work and to get some laundry started. After she left, I went over to Wegmans to do some quick shopping – we need candy for tonight and I need to pick up a card for my grandmother’s birthday party that I am headed to shortly.

My grandma is 89 today. I went down to her place for her birthday party. I got down there around 4:00. Min had to work so she didn’t manage to go. We got dinner from KFC (I got Taco Bell since KFC doesn’t have much for me to eat.) I hung out down there until about 9:00.

[Update July 25, 2006: I didn’t know it at the time but I am now very happy that I had made it down for my grandmother’s birthday as this was to be her final birthday.]

When I got home, Andy said that Min had forgotten her lunch. So I drove up to Henrietta to bring Min’s food to her. I stayed with her for about an hour before coming back home.

I was pretty tired so I just played a game of AoE2 and called it a night.

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