November 1, 2004

Boy the time has just been flying by. This is the crazy week as we try to get ready for the Rochester Tech Expo on Wednesday and Thursday at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center. Dad has been working like mad trying to get the display ready. There is just a ton to do. But he thinks that the display is turning out really nice so far.

I was expecting not to have any Internet access today since ChoiceOne and WestBand decided that we would be shut off no later than Halloween but apparently we slipped through the cracks. Well, good deal I guess. I guess the best part is that not only are we still on, but we are no longer customers so they have no way to bill us for the service either. That works out sort of well. Except that the new service costs more so we are definitely not making out well in the long run. But at least we won’t be stuck using ChoiceOne anymore.

I was really hoping to hear something about the job in Corning today but no one called at all. The house has been silent all day. Not a single call about any job. Not one.

Tomorrow I will be in Rochester much of the day getting ready for the show. I am voting early in the morning and then going to breakfast with my dad, aunt and uncle. Then we are heading on over to Riverside to get the booth set up for the show. I have no idea how long that will take so I might be there all day. And, of course, our Internet access could go down in there as well. So maybe SGL won’t even be online tomorrow so it won’t matter anyway.

Frontier supposedly got our business telephone line in and running today but if they did, they didn’t contact me in anyway about it nor did I notice anyone walking around outside. So I wonder what is going on. I suppose the phone could be on and I don’t even know. I really should plug in a telephone and check to see if the line is on or not. Ok, I just plugged in a phone and called the house. It is on and working. Cool. Well, that is a very good sign. We won’t be using this new line for anything short of an emergency because it is a full commercial line and costs us money every minute that we use it, even for local calls. But it is nice to know that we have an emergency land line just in case we have to use it if the power goes out or something. It is a 243 number so we are one of the cool Geneseo townies who have one of the original numbers now. Anyway, the DSL service is scheduled to be installed on Wednesday. That is rough because we have the show that day, but it could be a lot worse, we really need that line installed. I am really impressed with all of the effort that Frontier has put in to get us hooked up. They really came through for us so far.

I am downloading the Live CD of SuSE 9.2 today. I have been anxious to see how it is going to be.

Friday I have a doctor’s appointment here in Geneseo, so I have something scheduled every single day this week. Boy do I feel busy.

Good movie releasing tomorrow! The big one is Jackie Chan’s Around the World in 80 Days! I have really been waiting for that one for a while. I will have to run out to Walmart to pick it up. Whoo-hoo. Shrek 2 is out next Tuesday. And we are just over one month away from Lord of the Rings III: Return of the King Extended Edition releasing. Once that is out, we will have to have a movie marathon in the theatre and watch the entire trilogy back to back to back. Yeah baby!

Well, I got excited prematurely. Our Internet access went down at 6:30 this evening. Now we are desperately waiting for Frontier to get us back online in 48 hours. This is going to be fun! Now the stress begins. Unfortunely, no one knows that we are stressing because the web site is gone. Anyway… I will see everyone again on the 3rd, I hope.

For the first time in almost a year, I had the chance to shut down all of the servers tonight. That is kind of an eerie feeling. If you have servers connected to the outside world around you all of the time, when they are gone you feel kind of lonely. It is weird.

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