November 5, 2004

Another fun day of trying to get everything working again. Min and I went out to breakfast with dad this morning. I only got about 5.5 hours of sleep but that seems to be about the max that I have been able to get recently. I will get hardly any tonight since we have the game tonight. We have six players all ready planning on coming which is pretty cool. We hope to get a couple more as the day progresses.

Dad came over this morning to work on getting the Waste Watcher up and running again. Today is our first real day of potentially full functionality.

Tonight is the biggest game that we have had for a long time. We have seven players tonight, Andy, Tony, Min, Me, Phil, Jeremy and Art all made it out for the game. Josh tried to play remotely but we didn’t manage to get that to work. We had a good time, though. We played for about nine hours. Boy were we all exhausted by the time that we were done.

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