November 3, 3004

Our Internet access seems to have finally gone out today. It limped through the night kind of working just a little bit now and then.

I was up bright and early this morning and was just getting out of the shower by the time that Dominica was getting home from work. Dad met us at 8:00 to head out to breakfast. We went over to the Omega Grill. Dad was going to go to the show with us today but we had to have someone at the house to deal with the DSL issues so he opted to stay here while Min and I headed out to the show.

We got our new company polos this morning. They are really nice. We are very excited to have them. We got to the show a little after 10:00 but didn’t figure that there would be very much traffic there first thing in the morning.

The show was a relative success. We got our name out there a bit and more people know who we are now. It is really hard to gauge these things to know whether or not we are being really affective or not.

After the show, we pretty much came home and crashed. We were really worn out after a long day on our feet at the show and it is going to be another long day tomorrow.

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