November 4, 2004

Well our Internet access is back up and we are mostly back online today. Things haven’t been going smoothly. Our MS ISA Server 2000 installation puked when the new line came in and we have had to spend a lot of time dealing with that. We have upgraded to a newer 2004 installation but that isn’t really making things any easier.

Today was the second day of the Rocehster B2B Tech Expo. Min and I got to the show a little after 10:30. After yesterday’s light crowds we didn’t think that it was worth putting too much effort into getting there really early since there were only really any number of people there between 11:00 and 3:00. And even then there weren’t all that many.

The show seemed to go decently well. We got lots of compliments on our booth construction. Everyone thought that it was really cool. Dad and Aunt Sharon came by around 3:00 to help us tear down. It only took about 45 minutes to an hour to get the booth all broken down. That was a ton easier than the five hours that it took to set it up when we first got there.

After getting the booth packed up, we all ran over to Perkins and had some dinner. Min and I had passed on eating at the show so this was our first food of the day other than BK for breakfast.

We got home around 7:00. Min and Andy watched a bunch of That 70s Show but I got stuck spending the entire evening working on getting our systems back up and running after the switch over from ChoiceOne to Frontier. What an incredible pain that has been. We are really happy with Frontier, though, who really put in a serious effort to help keep us up and running as much as possible.

I was up until about 2:00 am working on our network. So I was really tired by the time that I finally got to bed. It has been an exhausting week.

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