January 27, 2005

Well, as of yesterday, Quarter 1 2005 is already the eleventh busiest postings quarter ever for SGL and with any luck, it will be tenth after today’s update.

The install last night went pretty smoothly, about as smoothly as could be expected. We had our glitches but we worked through them and wrapped up on time. It went pretty well though. I got home around 8:00 and boy was I tired. I pretty much went straight to bed. Min stayed up all night so that she could go to bed with me this morning.

I didn’t manage to get a whole lot of sleep, the phone kept ringing this morning. I finally got out of bed around 3:00 and took a shower and got back to life. Luckily, there really wasn’t any email or anything waiting for me. That was nice. I did a little catch up before Andy came home. He got home around 5:30 and he, Min and I decided to go out to Denny’s for dinner.

After dinner we stopped over to Walmart and did some quick shopping. We wanted to get more mushroom chairs for the theatre but they had sold out of them. We picked up the newly released First Daughter and got Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much as well. While we were in Walmart, the power went out and we were in the dark. The generator kicked in and power came back. We are pretty sure, though, that power was only lost at Walmart and not around town. Nothing at home seemed to have lost power and with as much as we have running, we can normally tell pretty easily.

I called around and found that Walmart on Chili had the mushroom chairs so Min and I headed out to go up there to get them. We got to about the end of Lima road when I clutched in to slow down and the car made an awful noise and the clutch felt pretty weird and the car started acting funny. I decided that driving up to the city was probably a bad idea so we turned around and came home. I am not sure what is wrong and it is a little bit late to call someone. I will probably have to take the car into the shop tomorrow. At least it is still under warranty. What a pain though. It is always something.

My Mac Mini is still on backorder but my Apple USB keyboard arrived this evening. I plugged it in and am typing on it now. I like it. It is a bit smaller than my traditional PS/2 keyboards and the action is nice. It is attractive on the desk and with my new minimalist approach to my office, it should work out very nicely. The Apple keyboards also don’t have a Numlock key which is a really nice feature because, after all of these years of working on computers, I have never come across a situation where I had wanted my numlock to be turned off but very often, it was.

For those who need to know, the Friday night game is on tomorrow at 7:00. Min, Andy, Tony and I have confirmed already. Josh, Art and Jeremy know about it. Looks like we will probably have a pretty good turn out. It has been quite a while since we have played. I am really looking forward to a good night of AoE2!

I am pretty tired this evening. Even though I slept in late, I am feeling the schedule shift and the rought six hours of sleep. Min has been watching original Star Trek episodes like they are going out of style. She stayed up all night last night watching them and has been watching them this evening as well. She is turning herself into a zombie.

For those of you who use OpenOffice, a new beta has released that now includes the new OpenOffice Base component that is designed to compete with MS Access. This is a cool feature that I have been looking forward to for a while. I downloaded the latest test version of the software from OpenOffice.org tonight so that I could give it a try.

Min and I watched a movie before heading off to bed. We finished So Close which was pretty good. Then I did about another hour of work getting SuSE 9.2 installed on my desktop and Min did some work upstairs. Then it was off to bed. It didn’t feel all that late but I looked at the clock and it was about 4:00 am by the time we actually got off to bed.

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