January 28, 2005

Boy January has just flown by. But I guess that just means that I am getting old. Min and I REALLY slept in today, I didn’t roll out of bed until after 2:00 in the afternoon and Min didn’t get up for hours after that. We adjusted our schedules last night and it really threw us off.

Min and I were supposed to have dinner with Eric and Amanda tonight but Eric wasn’t able to get out of work until really late and it ended up not being a good idea to try to sqeeze so many things into such a short time frame. We decided to just get together next week (we are all having dinner together on Thursday at his parent’s house). So Min and I just grabbed a quick bite to eat figuring that we would get pizza later on in the evening once everyone was getting hungry after a game or two.

Tonight is the big game, the first big AoE2 game in months. We are all really looking forward to it. We managed to get a hold of Josh but he wants to spend the evening with Jo instead of playing with us:( Jeremy forgot that we were going to play the game tonight so he was out all night last night and wasn’t allowed to come and play here tonight. Phil was able to come over and Art and Danielle were both able to come over because Michael was over at his grandparent’s house tonight which was really cool because Danielle has never been able to come over for the Friday Night Game before. Min, Andy and I were of course there and Andy picked up Tony on the way home from work. So we were seven. Too bad that we didn’t have a full compliment of eight but what can you do. It ended up taking us forever to get started with the first game because we had a lot of technical issues. We get that a lot. We got a total of three games in but we had technical issues almost the whole time and never really managed to finish more than a single game. But it was still fun for all, or almost all.

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