January 29, 2005

The game went until early this morning so we ended up sleeping until afternoon today. When I got up to answer the phone early this afternoon, Tony was still passed out in the living room so apparently no one was up yet.

Min slept in quite a bit later than me so I went down to the basement and did some work. I have been trying to get some servers moved around in the basement and that has been quite a project. It is taking a lot of my time. And keeping up with the rapid update pace of SGL is quite daunting as well.

After I got enough work done to call it an evening, Min and I went up to the city to do a little shopping, to get dinner and to drop off some bills at the post office in Henrietta. We hit the post office first and then went over to the Pakistan House on West Henrietta at Crittendon. That place is so awesome, we just love it. The food is so good and the service is just phenominal. We are really worried that they are going to go out of business because there are never very many people there. But there was a decent number of people there tonight so that was encouraging. They haven’t been open very long and maybe word is just starting to get around about them. Hopefully that is the case. We would hate to have found such a good restaurant just to have it close on us. That happens way too often.

After dinner we drove out to Chili and hit Walmart. We needed to get out there because the Geneseo and Henrietta Walmart’s sold out of the mushroom chairs that we wanted for the theatre room and Chili was one of the last places to have any. So we picked up two more of the mushroom chairs and two of the cubic bean bag ottomans to go with them with some Christmas money that we had. We went through the bargain bin and found a couple of movies that we were interested in (I am SO the king of bargain movie shopping), we got Town and Country (Warren Beatty, Dianne Keaton, Goldie Hawn, etc.), the real Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Almost Famous with Kate Hudson. AF wasn’t in the bargain bin but it was cheap and I haven’t seen it yet and min really likes it and we are both big Kate Hudson fans so we had to have it. We ran across the parking lot to Hollywood Video to check out their used movies because we had watched a trailer last night for Big Shot’s Funeral and we thought that it had looked interesting and I was pretty sure that I had seen it at this particular Hollywood Video. I was right and it was still there, just one copy. So we got that and scoured the racks looking for good deals. We also managed to get The Missing Gun, Luther, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and one other movie that I can’t remember because Min took it away before I could write it down.

We got home and had a mini movie marathon (not so unusual around here.) We started off watching Big Shot’s Funeral starring Donald Sutherland who is always hilarious along with Rosamund Kwan and You Ge (Farewall My Concubine). It was almost a What! movie. Very, very strange. But it was pretty decent. Ended up being a good story with interesting characters. Then we watched First Daughter which just released this week. I didn’t really like it. It was one of those movies where I didn’t end up liking any of the characters so I didn’t have anyone to root for. The father was a jerk, the boyfriend was a lyer and the lead character didn’t act like a grown up and fight for herself but gave in and acted like a child and eventually, it all just “worked out.” It was pathetic. So we felt that we had to watch a third movie to end on a better note. So we watched The Missing Gun which is a drama about a cop in China that loses his gun which is a major crime there since guns are illegal and almost no one has one. The cops have to be very protective of theirs. It wasn’t bad. Very hard to follow because so much of the movie was based on cultural differences that were not explained very thoroughly and had to be inferred as much as possible. But it was okay. Strange ending.

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