March 11, 2005

Today is Min’s first full day of teaching down at Castile Christian Academy. We have a busy day ahead of us.

We started off the day having breakfast with dad. From there we headed right on down to the school to get ready for the day.

The school rearranged the computer lab so it looks a lot better and we have a lot more space to work with now. It is starting to look, sort of, like a real computer lab. Min starting teaching at 10:30 and went straight on through without any breaks at all until the end of the school day. Almost every class in the school managed to get into the computer lab while we were there. All of the classes 3rd grade through the seniors were able to get into the lab except the sophomore who had a scheduling conflict. I did manage to get one of the sophomores after school onto a computer so we eliminated one. While Min was teaching, I worked on getting the lab set up better, getting the kindergarten room set up and getting the high school room set up. By the end of the day, we had quite a bit going. We even managed to get all of the kindergarteners into the system and they began working with the computer in their own classroom too! That is really encouraging. They were very excited to be working on the computer and are really getting somewhere. Now are challenge is going to be working with the first and second graders. We really haven’t addressed them at all yet. Overall, the day was a great success. We had some really specific goals that needed to be achieved and I think that we got there. So I feel good about it.

After the school day, Min and I hung out with the kindergarten teacher for a few hours talking about teaching computers to students and things that could be done in the school, projects, etc. At 5:00, we all headed down to Castile Baptist Church where some of the parents were throwing a Teacher Appreciation Dinner for all of us. It was really nice. Dinner was awesome and there was just a ton of food. We had a really good time and hung out there until 7:30.

On the way home, Min and I stopped by and spoke with Letchworth Computers in Castile to see what they knew about Linux because people in the community are bound to be looking for ways to get Linux computers with so many of the students using them all of the time now. Luckily, the guy who runs Letchworth Computers is a Linux guy and uses it himself and has some customers who use it too. So that is a good sign.

We got back home just minutes before Bob got there. He was driving up from Ithaca but there was terrible snow the whole way so it took him a long time. We all hung out for a little bit and then he and I drove over to Perry to pick up Lisa who had been in Arcade with Nate practicing for the All County Chorus tomorrow that is being held at the Pioneer School in Erie County.

We got back to the house and pretty much just crashed. It was after midnight by the time we got back and Bob and Lisa have to be up way too early tomorrow.

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