March 12, 2005

Bob and Lisa were up and out of town long before any of us woke up this morning. They both are helping Nate with the Erie County All-County Chorus out at Pioneer just outside Arcade today. So they have a long, busy day ahead of them.

Min, Andy and I went up to Henrietta this afternoon to do a little shopping. We hit Best Buy and we picked up Dark City, which I have been wanting for a long time, and Apt Pupil which is okay but stars Ian McKlellan so we had to have that (it was only $5.) But more importantly, we found Coupling: Season Four, whoo-hoo. The really sad thing is that it looks like Coupling is probably done. Only four seasons were shot and there is nothing on the BBC website about there being a fifth season underway. In fact, Stephen Moffat, the writer, has left to work on the new series of Dr. Who which makes it far less likely that there will be another season of Coupling. I am very sad. Season Four only has six episodes, so it is shorter than the previous two seasons by 33%. That is not a good indication either.

We got back from shopping just in time for Bob and Lisa to call to see if we wanted to get a bite to eat. So we met them and went over to the Omega Grill for some dinner. They needed to get back to Ithaca, though, so they took right off from eating to go back down. So Min and I went over to Walmart and did a little shopping. She wanted to get Stand By Me but they didn’t have it. But we did find Sleepless in Seattle really cheap (I already had it on LD but decided to upgrade) and we got the Sean Connery classic, The Name of the Rose which I haven’t seen in so many years but is a really good movie. We also got a door knob for the other theatre door so that it will stop hanging half-way open in the dark. I have been running into it every so often and that kind of hurts.

We got home and immediatley popped in Coupling: Season Four and proceeded to watch the entire series, which is only three hours long. Series Four definitely lacks something compared to the earlier three seasons. Losing Jeff really hurt the show. The chemistry has changed and the new guy isn’t very good.

After finishing Coupling we watching Dark City which Min has never seen before. I love that movie, it is so good. I haven’t seen it in years.

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