March 4, 2005

No game tonight, it is very sad.

I felt like total crap today. I accidentally fell asleep last night without putting my CPAP on. I hate that. Min woke me up around 5:00 because I was snoring and told me to put in on. That wasn’t enough time to get any real sleep though and I felt it all day.

I spent most of the morning either in the shower or on the phone. My head was swimming from the “didn’t sleep right” migraine that I had. Dad came by the house at 8:30 on his way to the city and we went out for breakfast.

I ended up not even really having time to get everything ready for our trip down to the Castile school. I had to load up two more computers and a monitor. That cleared out a bit more of the basement. Things are really starting to get cleared out here.

At the school today, Min and I had to judge a snow sculpture contest. We had to trapse through a lot of snow and Min fell down once.

We ended up hanging out down at the school until 5:30. We headed home and stopped by Wendy’s to get some dinner.

No game tonight but now that there isn’t a game Min and I can’t figure out anything that we want to do. We are both in a “I don’t feel like doing anything at all” kind of mood. Jeremy and Sara can’t do anything tonight because they both have play practice at 10:00 in the morning. Tony is in the play tonight so he busy. Art and Danielle are also busy. No one can play with us. Andy doesn’t want to do anything tonight because he wants to work on the video game.

Min talked me into playing a two person game of Winopoly. For anyone who has every tried Monopoly with only two players, you should have a good idea of how that went. It took forever to buy all of the properties. After playing for about two hours, Min finally got the last piece that she needed to lock me out of ever getting a whole set of anything on the board and, obviously, the game was over because she did have one complete set. She said that she had never thought about it before but once I had explained it she understood why the game was over. No matter how many of my worthless little things that she landed on, she would never lose her $200 per round that she got passing “Go”. But, I might land on Boardwalk – or Champaigne, in this case – and have to pay out more than I had. So we knew the game was over, we just didn’t know how long it would take to play out. She was like “No wonder these two player games went on forever when I was a kid!”.

So, after the very intense Winopoly game, Min had me teach her how to play Risk. I am not into two player Risk since it is lacking most of the game play of the real thing. So we just set it up and she learned how it works. I don’t think that she was very excited.

We were both pretty tired so we went to bed early. I read some more of Wil’s “Just A Geek” before falling asleep. I remembered the CPAP this time.

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