March 5, 2005

Today is Nate and Tammy Parker’s baby shower. Bob and Lisa are supposed to be coming up sometime this morning but I don’t know when yet. Min and I were actually up decently early on a Saturday morning. I didn’t even realize that they turned the power on this early on Saturdays! 😉

I got a chance to chat with Steve and Jen Bulkley online this morning. I haven’t had an opportunity to talk to them in a couple of months at least. Jen had the baby just recently and they both have been busy with school.

Bob and Lisa are shooting to get here just in time to head right on over to the shower. The shower is in Perry at 2:00. I have no idea what is going on later.

Min and I went out for a late breakfast / early lunch to Dennys. Then we hit Walmart for a quick shopping trip. The Sims 2 University Expansion Pack is out and Min had to have that. So you know what she will be doing for the next few days, err… weeks. We also got Sabrina on DVD because it was $5.50.

While we were out, I downloaded the demo of Empire Earth 2. I will let everyone know how it is once I get a chance to play it. It might be a while before I get a chance to use Min’s computer again now that she has the expansion pack to her favorite game.

We got back and we did some cleaning before anyone arrived. Bob and Lisa arrived around 1:30 and we hung out for about half an hour before going over to Perry for the shower.

The shower went well. Bob, Nate and I did all that we could to avoid the “baby shower games” portions although we did take part in the “thaw the baby frozen in ice in an easter egg” competition which I easily won. Bob needed to leave the party a little early so that he could watch the SU basketball game. So we drove over to Nate’s parent’s house and watched the game. Everyone came over to join us later.

After the party, Bob, Lisa, Min, Andy and I went up to the Pakistan House for a nice dinner. We ended up sitting right next to Rochester’s Mayor Bill Johnson. It was an interesting day to have sat next to him at a restaurant considering that Sheriff Duffy announced just a few hours ago that he would be running for Mayor of Rochester in this coming election and that the Mayor has been such a hot topic recently because of Rochester’s purchase of the fast ferry under his direction. We were guessing that he was trying to get a quiet evening away from the city so he came out to Brighton for dinner.

After dinner we all went over to Borders to do a little late night shopping. We looked into going out to see a movie but didn’t see anything that anyone actually wanted to bothering sitting through – which is often the case. While we were there, Bob got a couple of books and I picked up The Return of the Bunny Suicides which is just way too funny not to own. I had seen it the other day but just couldn’t resist it anymore. Once we got back to the house, Bob had to go through the entire book!

We decided that everyone but Bob was pretty tired already so we went to bed pretty early. I am still making up for the night that I went without the CPAP.

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