March 6, 2005

Unlike most mornings when people stay at our house, everyone woke up at around the same time this morning. That was awfully handy. Everyone but Andy, of course. He didn’t get up until later. He didn’t go to bed when the rest of us did either.

Bob, Lisa, Min and I went out to Denny’s for breakfast. Denny’s is like our place to go with Bob and Lisa, it is pretty funny. They first went there the night of Min and my wedding because they were staying at our house when Min and I were staying at the Hillside Inn where the wedding had been. So Denny’s has kind of become a tradition.

Bob and Lisa took off right from Denny’s to get back down to Ithaca. We came home and I worked on posting yesterday’s SGL dailies and Min played The Sims 2 University which she hadn’t had a chance to even tough yet. So far, she really likes it.

If you are online and trying to find out about the Omega Grill, we are now on the first page of Google’s searches if you include Geneseo in the search – “Omega Grill” Geneseo. Funny enough, you can also just do a search on “Bob and Lisa” Ithaca and there is our Bob and Lisa mentioned right there on the first page to come up as well. Tee hee. And Lisa thought that she didn’te exist on the web anywhere!

I did some work on my Mac today and got the X Window Environment running on it which gives me the ability to run programs remotely from my Linux machine which is totally cool. I have a thing called the “X Live CD” that allows me to do the same thing under Windows but it works tons more smoothly under Mac. It is very cool. Now both Min and I are able to use graphical Linux applications (including word processors, spreadsheets, etc.) through our regular desktop machines without having to have multiple desktops sitting around. Very cool.

Min ended up getting so hooked on her new Sims expansion pack that she packed up her desktop (yes, her actual desktop) and took it to work with her so that she could keep playing the game while she was at work. It is her sixteen hour double tonight so it makes the most sense for her to do that now. But that is still pretty fanatical over The Sims. I suppose that if I had to work a double like she does and didn’t have anything to do at work that I would pack up my desktop too. I remember those days.

I have been thinking recently that it would be great to get a D&D group back together. I don’t think that I have played in a real, steady group for twelve years and have only played a little here and there since then. So, if anyone is interested in playing in a group, let me know. I know that Jeremy is playing a little bit of the RPG’s these days, so I bet that he would be in. It would be nice to get 4-5 players who would be really dedicated to playing a game. Maybe getting together like once a month of something. I am looking for people who are into serious role playing, not the hack and slash stuff. This would be D&D 3.5 so everyone would have to pick up a copy of the Player’s Manual.

I haven’t been down to see my grandma in a week or so, so I thought that I would go down to visit this afternoon.

I ended up visiting for about three hours. We had Pizza Hit for dinner and played a couple of games of Skipbo. Then I went over and Jeremy showed me Morrowind, this RPG that he has been playing for a week or two. It looked pretty cool. They did some pretty dumb things with it though assuming that it would never be used on an LCD monitor which kind of sucks. So it will never look up to par on an LCD. It did look fun, though. But it is only a single player game and I never have a chance to really make use of single player games so it will just have to remain a game that looks interesting. Jeremy did say that he is definitely in for a serious D&D game in the near future. So that is one player already. Now just 3-4 more.

I had an email from Nicklin when I got home saying that he was ordering both of the Bunny Suicide books. I knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist.

The project announced the first public beta of version 2.0 today. This is a major milestone for the project and I am very excited.

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