April 29, 2005

Fridays have become our super nuts days the last few weeks. We have to get up around 6:00 am which is crazy for me because I have been working the overnights the last few days. Then we get ready and get out the door around 7:30 so that we can swing through Burger King and get some breakfast. That gets us up and moving. I need the big thing of caffeine that I get there on Friday mornings. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to handle the day. Then it is off to school.

We arrived at the school around 8:30 and Min got right into teaching her first class, the sophomore’s, and I started working on my lecture materials for this evening. I haven’t had a chance this week to get anything ready for class and so I have a ton that I have to do today during the day.

I taught my lecture on XHTML web design this afternoon. This is my third lecture class and I think that it went fairly well. The material is pretty tough for the kids that I am teaching – many of them fairly new to computer and so they are having a hard time keeping with me. But I think that we are covering a lot of good material and that the materials that we are leaving behind on their server will make the class usable to them next year as well.

After my lecture, Min and I went to the Silver Lake Family Restaurant and got some quick dinner. Not a lot of time today between things. Then we went down to Leicester to visit grandma for a little bit. She is feeling pretty sick today and dad thought that it would be important that we see her this weekend. We only had a short time to visit, though, because our schedule is very full. But she doesn’t have the strength to have us there for very long anyway so that isn’t too bad.

After visiting, we headed on up to Caledonia to go to our Friday evening Bible study looking at Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life”. This is our second week with the group. Eric and Amanda are in the group. Min and I have been looking for a small group to be a part of for a while but we don’t really have anyone around our same age at LaGrange with us so we have been needing something else and we are really happy to have found this group.

We stayed at the small group until 11:00. Eric and Amanda hung out late too. We had fourteen people attend again this week. Pretty impressive. We had a really good time. We and the Millens are hoping that the group stays together after completely the PDL that they are working on now.

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