April 30, 2005

I can’t believe that it is the last day of April already. I feel like the month just started. Man am I getting old. Andy is getting his laptop prepared today so that he can drive to North Bay, ON tomorrow. He is going up to visit Miranda for the week. He will be home sometime on Thursday and we will be beginning work on our new waste tracking software at that point. That is our big project this summer.

John Stephens emailed me this morning to tell me that he was finally offered a job down in Binghamton. He has been looking for something for a really long time. It is about time that something came through for him. He has been working steadily for a long time now but not at a job that he really liked and it sounds like this position is going to be a fairly decent “promotion” for him. So that is very cool. Unfortunately, John “The Surfing IT Wizard” Stephens was planning on moving out to Geneseo and in with us in July when Andy moves out but he is, obviously, not doing that now. It is true that the contract is six months to perm but that usually just means perm. So he will probably be staying in Binghamton for a while now. So in three months we are going to be without a roomate. We don’t know yet whether or not we will be in a financial position to be able to not have a roomate. Right now, with Min being out of work, we really don’t know what things are going to be looking like in June. So, we could really use some prayers as we have so much up in the air right now.

Slept in this morning. Didn’t get up until around 10:00! Called dad and he came out and met us for lunch. It is Spring Weekend here in Geneseo so we decided to skip town and we went out to Lakeville and had lunch at Leisure’s. We haven’t been out there since just after Min stopped working at the Conesus Lake Hotel which is quite some time ago. It was a nice change of pace. They don’t have a big vegetarian selection there, though, so we don’t generally go there very often being vegetarians and all.

After lunch we hit Walmart because dad had some shopping to do. I managed to find a few movies, of course. I got What Dreams May Come, Swing Kids and Min picked up Left Behind II: Tribulation Force which she has been wanting to see because she just finished reading the first two books in that series and really likes them. We ran into Andy at Walmart. Small town.

Min is going to Joanne’s bachelourette party this evening so we just spent the little bit of afternoon that we had just hanging out around the house. Min had to be on the road at a quarter past four so our afternoon was very short. She took a short nap before leaving because she was pretty tired. Which is hard to believe because she managed to get some decent sleep in last night.

Dad called this afternoon and said that we finally got paid for a huge amount of back work that we had done and hadn’t been paid for in over a year. It isn’t everything but it is close to all and that really, really helps. We have been running on practically nothing for a year and times we getting pretty lean. That isn’t to say that times aren’t still really lean, but they are much better than they were not too long ago – like an hour ago, for example.

After Min left, I watched an episode of Red Dwarf Season IV. Michael and Danielle came over to drop off some movies and to pick up more. They borrowed First Daughter and the entire Herbie series of 1970’s Disney flicks. Those are classics. I love those movies. I wish that I had a copy of the recent remake that they made with Bruce Campbell. There is another new Herbie movie coming out soon with Lindsay Lohan, I believe. Then Andy and I headed off to Denny’s to get some dinner. The place was quite busy with all of the graduates back in town for the weekend. But it wasn’t too bad.

I went right down to visit grandma for a little bit after eating dinner. Dad was still there for a little while and they had wanted me to pick up some ice cream to go with some apple pie that they had down there. I only stayed for about an hour. Grandma isn’t able to handle people visiting for very long periods of time.

I was writing tonight’s update and my Windows XP Pro SP2 laptop totally died on my. It crashed and got the BSOD and everything. I am worried that this laptop might be on its way out. It has been crashing more and more when someone tries to use it to play AoE2 and that isn’t a good sign. But, we will wait and see. Just one more thing that I have to spend money on sometime soon. It would be really awesome if I could get another 18 months out of this machine. But it is already several years old and we lost two laptops last year so there isn’t a really good chance of it making it for a very long time. I do use it a whole bunch so it gets plenty of wear and tear. But I can say that it is really money well spent for me. This thing gets plenty of use since I don’t have a real Windows desktop anymore. I might go for a somewhat upgraded laptop for the next Windows machine that I get too because this seems to work out pretty well for me. Not perfect, but not too badly.

After visiting down at grandma’s, I came home and Andy, Art, Danielle and I played a round of AoE2. The Ralstons were home bored tonight so it worked out really well. You can find out the game details at the Friday Night Game blog site.

We only felt like one game so we wrapped up after that. Andy went to bed. He had a lot of driving to do tomorrow and he hasn’t packed yet so he needs to get to sleep early. I stayed up doing miscellaneous things around the house until Min got home from the party. We stayed up and talked for a little bit but we need our sleep for tomorrow so we got to bed between two and three in the morning.

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