May 1, 2005

Wow am I behind here. This past week has been so hectic that I just can’t get to everything. I have only barely even been able to set up my laptop more than once or twice to even think about doing any updates. I did a couple of audio posts over at SGL2 this week to keep people up to date that at least I am still alive. Everyone will just have to hang tight over the next few days as I catch back up – hopefully. I am working in Rochester again tomorrow night so I have a short day in which to write and I have to pack up the laptop as well so that makes it extra tough. At least I am not going to be out of town quite yet.

Min was awfully tired this morning but we still managed to get out of bed and get out to Perry to go to Sunday School at 10:00. She shouldn’t be complaining about being tired because she kept telling people at church that she would prefer an earlier church service to the one that they do. I don’t think that we would ever make an earlier service.

After church we did our weekly run to the Silver Lake Family Restaurant in Perry with dad. It is nice to not have to rush out of church and then rush to eat lunch because Min has to get off to work. Now we get the opportunity to spend our Sundays together as well. Of course, losing her income isn’t fun. But at least we get to see each other a ton more often then we did before.

From lunch we drove up to the city and did some banking and paid a bill at Home Depot that we needed to get taken care of. Then Min went over to JoAnn Fabrics and I went to Borders. I found a really inexpensive copy of the New Revised Standard Bible that I picked up as well as a cool duo-tone copy of The Message which is a modern paraphrase that I have been looking for. Min stopped by after she was done looking at yarn because she was looking for a Bible that she would feel comfortable writing in to use for notes during Sunday School. It took her a while to find one that she really liked but eventually found one.

Andy took off some time while we were out at church or lunch. He is gone for five days up to North Bay in Canada. So, Min and I have the house to ourselves for the week. It is always weird having him gone because he doesn’t leave very often I get used to the house never being empty. I am pretty sure that he is in the house significantly more than I am.

We got home just in time to order some pizza and head out to pick it up and take it down to my grandma’s in Leicester. The family tries to eat together on Sunday afternoon’s but we rarely get to participate because Min has had to go to work so often. Grandma has been really sick recently. She got broncitus and is barely able to get oxygen. She has been in pretty rough shape for the last several days. We got Pizza Hut in Geneseo and headed on down there.

We had a good time hanging out with the family. We were there until almost 9:00. We came home and I had some work that had to be done over the weekend to get to and Min had plenty of studying for her A+ exam that she needed to do so she got to work on that. She is trying to force her way through that material but is having a really hard time.

Okay, a short update for today but at least it is better than nothing. I will be doing my best to get the last several days filled back in so that people can catch back up with my crazy life. Thanks for hanging in there. Remember that I do have other blogs that I am maintaining as well and you can feel free to check those out and on those you can even leave comments.

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