May 2, 2005

We had to be up very early this morning because we were meeting dad for breakfast at 7:00 at the Omega Grill so that Min could get down to Castile to teach by 8:30. Today is her first full day teaching.

Min took off to go down to the school and dad took me home. I walked up the driveway, put my key in the door, pushed forward and the door didn’t open. Instantly my mind clicked: Deadbolt! We don’t have a key for our deadbolt. I don’t have the garage door opener that Min used to get us out of the house this morning. Oh no! I took off running like a madman trying to catch dad before he was out of the driveway. It was all that I could do to catch up with him. I knew that he didn’t have his cell phone on so if I didn’t catch him on foot that I would be out of luck. I chased him all the way to the end of the “street.” Boy did I run like crazy. I really didn’t think that I was going to catch him! Right at the end of the driveway he saw me in the rearview mirror and pulled over and waited for me to catch up. He ended up having to drive me down to Castile to get the garage door opener from Min. So we left the house at 6:55 for breakfast and it was around 10:15 when I managed to finally get back into the house. That made for a different morning than I had been expecting.

My laptop was already in the kitchen and being the lazy computer guy that I am, I just worked from the kitchen for the rest of the day. I managed to be quite productive today at home by myself. I even managed to get some cleaning down around the house as well. I tend to be very productive when I am at home all by myself. And being upstairs makes it that much easier for me to clean up around the house since I can see the mess and can just take a minute out of whatever I was doing to do something about it. The carpeting in the living room had some scrubbing that needed to be done and I took care of that. Min was very happy.

Min got in from teaching around 3:30. She sat in the living room with me while I worked at the kitchen table and she studied for her A+ exam in the living room. She was exhausted tonight so we just went out to Wegmans for a quick and easy dinner. Our Federal tax return came in the mail today and so did Andy’s. I am not sure as to the benefit of telefiling if we were able to telefile two days before Andy did his taxes and he didn’t telefile and his came the same day as ours. That means that the telefiling added two days or so to the process instead of removing some days. That isn’t very good. That is a service that you have to pay extra for!

I am working at the Marketplace Wegmans tonight. This is the second closest Wegmans to home for me. Working the overnights in small offices full of computers reminds me of the old days of the Waste Watcher when I used to work long hours into the night at Washington Hospital Center – often not leaving until the sun was rising in the morning. Then driving back to a hotel and getting some sleep. That is exactly what I will be doing when I am working at Wegmans outside of the Rochester area in the very near future.

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