May 15, 2005

Min and I made it to Sunday School. Seems like every other week is about the best that we can hope for these days. We are thinking about going to the Avon Wesleyan Church with Eric and Amanda next Sunday because they are having a big special thing for the ending of the Purpose Driven Life groups that we have been participating in.

Min drove my car to church this morning. She is relearning how to drive a stick. She never learned how to transistion smoothly between gears or how to downshift during regular driving so we are working on all of that. So far, things are going pretty well.

After church it was off to Perry and the Silver Lake Family Restaurant for lunch. We have become very predictable these days.

We got home and had to run over to Walmart to get some gardening supplies. Then Min spent the afternoon in the “garden” along the front sidewalk putting in new plants and flowers that we had picked up yesterday.

Min and I headed up to the city around 6:00 to do some quick shopping at Best Buy and to get dinner.

After eating, we went over to RIT for the concert. I managed to not tell Min what we were doing tonight. Even as we were approaching the concert she had no idea what we were doing.

It wasn’t until we were actually into Gordon Field House at RIT and walked by a table full of Allison Kraus and Union Station merchandise that she realized what we were doing. She thought that it was cool but was only so excited about it. But then the concert started and it blew her away. She thought that it was totally amazing. Union Station is so incredible live. They are just such outstanding musicians. Min said that it was the best concert that she had ever been to. I think that I probably would have to agree. Of course, it isn’t quite fair since Union Station is like my all time favourite band already. But boy were they good. Totally worth the $100+ that it took to get seats. If they are ever around, I totally suggest going to see them. Even if you aren’t a big bluegrass or country fan, their musicianship is just so amazing. And for those of you who liked O Brother, Where Art Thou, that was them as well. If you are thinking of buying your first AK&US album, I suggest getting their Live album on SACD. It is a double CD set in Hybrid. You will just die. It is so awesome.

One of the musicians talked about going to shop at Stutzman’s in Rochester. Stutzman’s has been my guitar shop since I was about ten! They are the best. It was cool to hear them talking about Dave Stutzman. I have used him to work on my instruments for as long as I can remember.

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