May 16, 2005

Way behind again. Oh well. What can I say. I am super busy these days – not much that I can do about it for the time being.

I was super tired last night when I went to bed and was really looking forward to sleeping in this morning. But that didn’t work out so well. Min’s car’s interior light was left on last Thursday and when she went to drive it this morning it was dead. So I had to jump out of bed first thing this morning and drive her down to Castile so that she could get to school. Dad had been planning on picking me up at 8:30 this morning to get breakfast at the Omega Grill but obviously that would be a pain since I will be in Castile. We had a hard time getting a hold of him, though, because he no longer has high speed Internet access and is currently using dial up. So his phone was in use. But we eventually got a hold of him.

So dad met me down at the Castile school and we went over to Lorraine’s in Castile for some breakfast. Neither of us has been there in forever. We ran into Pastor Tom of Castile Baptist Church having breakfast there as well.

After breakfast I went back to the school and worked for about half an hour getting the wireless workstation in Min’s classroom working. Now that I have figured out the process of setting up those machines, I have it working like a charm. I think that wireless workstations are totally the way to go. They are so easy to deal with and so easy to move around to wherever you need them.

I had a short day at home today. I didn’t arrive home until almost noon and had to leave again to pick Min up in Castile at 2:30 so I didn’t have much chance to get anythng done and definitely no chance to get caught up on SGL at all. I have been falling way behind on all of my blogs. I will try to do what I can to catch up a little bit over the next week or so. Things are crazy, though, tons of work to do during the day and working the overnights with Wegmans adds a lot too. This coming Saturday is Josh’s bachelour party and next weekend is his wedding. So that will make things a bit more busy as well. And don’t forget that Star Wars III is releasing on this coming Thursday! Finally, the end of an age. The last Star Wars movie. We have only been waiting for 28 years! I ordered our tickets for opening day today. I have seen every Star Wars movie on opening day since 1983! In 1983 I saw Return of the Jedi on the Cineplex Oberon in Toronto with my parents. I was seven years old. I still remember all of the high schoolers from around the city that were on school field trips to see the movie and they would cheer when one of the heroes appeared on the screen for the first time and would boo when the villians appeared. Dad and I still reminise about that.

When Episode I released in 1999 (I believe), I hadn’t planned on going to see it because everyone was under the impression that it would be impossible to get into the theatres on opening day and that it wouldn’t be worth it at all. But in the late afternoon, Emily called me and said that she had managed to just buy some tickets for the opening show at midnight. So we decided to go. Andy had to work that night so he called Esther who was working the shift before his and he offerred to pay her $50 to stay for a couple of hours into his shift so that he could come in late. He had to work hard to convince her even with the $50 which had to be more than a shift of income for her at the time. Tanner was able to go and at the last minute Dana decided to tag along too.

Andy went with me down to Castile to pick Min up. I dropped off a computer and we drove to Lorraine’s for some dinner. Yup, that is twice in one day.

After dinner we got back home and I had just a little while before I had to head out to work in Rochester. Working in the city this week, the real city. All of the dumpy stores. Tonight is the store on Brooks by the airport. Tomorrow is Driving Park. I hear that that one is REALLY bad.

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