May 17, 2005

I got home pretty early last night because we were wrapping up just before midnight. Boy that is nice. I was able to get home by just after 1:00. I was early enough that Andy hadn’t even gone to bed yet when I was getting in from work.

I spent the day today working on the Waste Watcher at home with Andy and getting one or two things underway for the class this Friday.

Andy and I went over to the Omega for some lunch while we kept working on the new system. Things are really coming along rapidly. The product is already in a skeletal working form and we are starting to see how it is going to work down the road. It is very exciting. A tiny bit reminiscent of the Pittsburgh project in March, 2000 to get the original system online.

I worked all day until Min got home. For dinner, we went back over to the Omega. They had spanikopita on special today and I couldn’t resist. They also had cream of vegetable soup although their’s isn’t nearly as good as Amanda’s is over at the Silver Lake Family Restaurant.

Tonight I am working up at Driving Park. Dad says that that area is pretty scary. Well, I got up there and he was definitely right. That store is located just east of the Rochester red light district. Not a good section of town at all. This store closes early for safety reasons. It is one of the really old, small stores. They have huge security posts up in front of the store so that people can’t drive cars through the front of the store. Instead of sliding doors the actually have ancient folding doors! It was weird. The staff there was some of the best that I have run across so far though. They were right on top of everything and were able to get my up and running right away. I broke my record tonight and was done at approximately 11:40. That was awesome!

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