May 18, 2005

I am working on my laptop while working the overnights again hoping to get caught up with the updates. I know that everyone is desperate to find out all of the going’s on’s in ScottWorld.

I stayed up until 4:30 this morning working in the living room even though I had gotten home just after midnight. I had some real work for regular clients that needed to be done so I was taking care of that while other things were slow. When Min’s alarm went off at 6:30 this morning, it was me who jumped out of bed. I was so tired at that point that I couldn’t understand that it wasn’t me that had to get up. Min had to work to convince me that I should go back to sleep. She eventually did and I slept until around 10:00.

By the time that I finally got up, Andy was not far behind. We did a little Waste Watcher work and some miscellaneous work at the house. Then, around 12:30, Eric came down from Rochester and the three of us went out to the Omega Grill for some lunch. This is my third consecutive meal at the Omega Grill and Andy’s second. I eat there WAY too much. We hung out there for a while talking about the Waste Watcher and how progress was going on the new system.

After lunch we came back to the house and Eric and I went out to the deck and did some design work on the Incidence Tracking system that we are going to be soon integrating into the new Waste Watcher product. It is a system that already exists in the old system but the new one is going to implement it in an entirely new way so we have a bit of design work to do before it is ready to go.

Min got home while we were working and she tried to convince us to play AoE2 with her but we were all busy. Eric went home at 5:15 and dad came over at 5:30 to teach Min how to operate the video camera that she has to run during my lecture on Friday evening because dad can’t make it. My grandparents are coming down to visit this weekend and are arriving on Friday night so dad is going to be busy entertaining while I am teaching. So, consequently, Min is running the camera to record the class for him. I haven’t seen any of the videos yet so I don’t know how well they are turning out.

While I was waiting for Eric earlier today, there was a knock on the door and Airborn Express dropped off a box for me. I didn’t think that I had ordered anything but there was a copy of Visual Studio Professional 2003 that I had been expecting like six months ago and thought that it had been forgotten about. So that was a very pleasent surprise. That is about a $1000 software package. Andy had to buy his but I won mine. Which makes it that much nicer. Mine is also the “special edition” which comes with some decent software that Andy’s didn’t come with. Nothing that blows you away, but some nice extra stuff.

Francesca called just before went to dinner with dad and said that she had found this adorably cute four year old Boston Terrier at her local SPCA near Houston that she thought that we should get. We can’t have a dog while Andy is living with us but he is planning on moving out in July so we can have one soon. So we decided that we would rescue this sweet Boston. Francesca got into his kennel with him to see how he was and he was very excited to see her. She couldnt’ resist him. Min was very excited that I let her have a dog. She is going down to Houston in two weeks and is driving back with Francesca and the girls so she will have the perfect opportunity to bring the new dog, “Orea”, back with her. He is black and white. His previously family moved to England and wasn’t able to take him with them which is very sad. But we are very excited to have a new dog. Min’s parents offered to let him stay there until Andy moves out and so did my dad. We are going to have dad take him so that we can see him almost every day. Min has wanted a Boston for a very long time so she is incredibly happy.

Dad, Min and I went to the Omega for dinner. That is four consecutive meals for me. We had a quick dinner because dad wasn’t feeling well. He caught bronchitus from grandma and isn’t feeling very well at all. He probably went home at about 7:00.

I only had a little while after getting back from dinner before I had to hit the road to get to work in Canandaigua. This job of mine is giving me the chance to work in every little town anywhere. Tonight is kind of neat for me because I was working part time playing classical guitar for the Wegmans in Canandaigua when I got the Waste Watcher contract in Pittsburgh and I haven’t been back to this store since I quite in January, 2000! That is a long time ago. I worked there roughly from 1997-2000. Except for Niagara Telecom, Wegmans was the longest held job ever for me. And now that I am contracting here, my time is sort of racking back up again. I will have almost four years under my belt of having worked with Wegmans as a subcontractor by the time that I am done here.

The drive out was pleasent. Canandaigua is only about thirty-five minutes away from Geneseo. I finished another disc of “Reading Lolita in Tehran” on the way here. Only about five left to go. That is a really long book – but very good. I can’t believe how gripping it is.

All kinds of problems tonight with the store so I didn’t manage to get started for quite some time. No chance of setting a record tonight. But it shouldn’t be too late by the time that I am done. I need to get home and get plenty of sleep tonight because tomorrow is Star Wars Episode III and I want to make sure that I am wide awake for it. Min, Andy and I are taking the three youngest Case kids, Abby, Jenny and Danny, to see it at the 5:15 showing at Tinsletown. Tinsletown as the new DLP projector in the theatre that we got tickets to and I am very anxious to see how the movie will look on one of those (which is funny because that is what we use at home!)

Even with the rough start at the store – I was done by 1:00am. Not too shabby. This would have been the record if it wasn’t for the slow start. But that is okay. Nothing too much going on tomorrow and I can be casual tonight. I am not tired until a bit later anyway. I will probably stop by the Quality Inn on the way home and see what Mary is doing anyway. She worked the audit a week ago tonight so I am guessing that she is there tonight but it is a hotel and I know how the schedules can be so heaven only knows if she is there tonight.

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