May 19, 2005

On my way home last night I stopped by the hotel and hung out with Mary until 4:30 in the morning. Even then I wasn’t tired but I felt that I needed to get home and get some sleep so that I wouldn’t be worthless today. Mary kept tempting me with cinnamon raison bagels and donuts. So how could I leave?

There were a few phone calls this morning. Eric made me get up and work as early as 7:40! That was mean! But I went back to bed.

Last night, Min took the Brainbench Computer Fundamental on Windows XP exam and passed with flying colours. That is awesome because it puts her that much more ahead of the competition when looking for tech jobs.

Oreo.  Boston Terrier.  Pic taken at Francesca Grice's home in Houston, Texas

I knew that everyone was just dying to see a picture of our new little puppy so here is the best one that I have. His name is Oreo, like the cookie, and he is a four year old Boston Terrier currently staying with Francesca in Houston until he comes up to join us in about two weeks. She found him at the SPCA and we couldn’t resist. She says that he is very sweet and very happy to be home with someone. He is 29 pounds so about five pounds heavier than Dexter, Min’s parent’s Boston.

Min will be bringing our new family addition back with her from Texas when she goes down there on the 31st. She was already going down to help Francesca drive back up to New York with the girls. But now there is a puppy too! Andy is moving out in July so Oreo is going to live with my dad for two months while Andy is still here. Once Andy moves out, Oreo will move in. I think that dad is pretty excited about having a little dog around for a while too. As soon as we bought Oreo, I found he and Min looking at dogs for dad to rescue.

Mary and Jocelyn called around 11:30 to say that they were coming up to Geneseo to get some lunch with me. Apparently there is a cool Asian cuisine place on Main Street that I wasn’t aware of. Hard to believe that there is a restaurant in Geneseo that I don’t know. Hard enough to believe that there is one in the county that I don’t know.

So we went down to Lunahsea for lunch. It was really good. It is a very eclectic place. Apparently it is where the who’s who of Geneseo go for lunch. Everyone knew everyone there. It was very different. I am sure that Min and I will be going there all of the time now that we have found it.

We stopped at the coffee shop on Main St. to check that out today too. Today was my day to discover new stuff in Geneseo and to see Jocelyn for the first time in a year and a half.

The three of us got back to the house just about twenty minutes after Min had arrived with the Case kids. Mary and Jocelyn stopped in and said hi really quickly but then took right off so that we could get up to the city to watch the movie.

So off to the city we went. We had to run to East Rochester quickly to go to Vincent Mazda to drop off Min’s car for some quick service. She is getting her 55,000 mile service done plus getting her brakes checked and a headlight replaced. We have had the worst problems with the headlights on those PR5s. They go out all of the time.

We were really fortunate that we had decided to go to the early matinee because the theater wasn’t even full. We got there in plenty of time to get a really good set of seats dead center and towards the front.

I will try to not give away anything of the movie. It was really good. Far better than either of the other two early movies. Much closer to being on par with the original trilogy of the seventies and eighties. Can you believe that the first Star Wars movie was made in the later mid seventies? That is SO long ago. A twenty-eight year legacy has come to an end! I was definitely happy with how they decided to end the story. They managed to mix together the early and later movies rather seamlessly and that worked pretty well. Unfortunaley, the barely literate George Lucas felt the need to attempt political commentary in the middle of the film and through in a quick jab at our current president. It was really obvious but was, unfortunately, not thought through in the context of the movie and was, in fact, in opposition to what George was saying in the rest of the film. Even just seconds after making his poke at Bush he said something contradictory in the movie. It is almost like he made the six movies and realized that they were totally in support of the Republican establishment and then decided to through in a quick politcal statement to inform his liberal buddies that he wasn’t making the most expensive advertisement ever for our president and the war in Iraq. But the context was so poor that it just made him look like an idiot and will, in the future, not make sense to audiences that don’t know current political quotes. I won’t go into what it is because if you are fortunate enough to miss it, you might not be adversarily affected by Lucas’ low regard for his own movie.

The real star of the film was the amazing DLP projector that they used to show it with. We were lucky enough to be able to get tickets to one of the digital theaters and got to see the movie without there being any digital to analogue transfer until the final projection. Quite simply – this DLP technology is going to revolutionize the movie industry! The picture is so many orders of magnitude better than traditional film projection. The colours were way more vibrant, the contrast was higher, the image was brighter and tons more crisp. Even more exciting, there were no image deterioratin artifacts from the film getting scratched, overheated, faded and dirty. I cannot believe how awesome that movie looked. I was so impressed.

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