May 20, 2005

Today is my last day of teaching this year. My last day filling in for Min and my last day of lecturing. Not only that but it is also the last day of our Purpose Driven Life Bible study. So, after this weekend, both Min and I are going to be a lot less busy. She still has to teach all of next week but it is her last week so everything is just wrapping up for the year. So it will be a light week. My grandparents and my aunt are driving up from Ohio today to visit for the weekend. They are staying with dad. We are planning on having a quick dinner with them this afternoon between my lecture and the bible study and then we will have breakfast with them tomorrow. Min and I have to pick up her car from the dealer tomorrow since we have no time today and then most of tomorrow will be Josh’s bachelour party. We are golfing and watching Star Wars Episode III again. At this point, Josh still hasn’t let us know his schedule so we aren’t sure what time we can get rolling yet.

We managed to get up well before we needed to this morning and we were able to get ready to go to school at our leisure. We were ready earlier than we had thought but we were so used to running late that we left as soon as we were ready. We were past Burger King and already in Leicester when we realized that we had left the house much earlier than we had expected to do.

Min taught her regular seventh and eighth grade classes and I taught the computer classes. I didn’t have a full plate of classes today. That worked out well because I ended up having to work like mad all day dealing with a selection of things all day outside of the school.

My day was really busy but I managed to keep up with everything – just barely. After classes I taught my final XHTML lecture. This is the wrap up after six weeks of lectures. After the lecture, Min and I went to Perry and met dad, my Aunt Gayle and my grandparents for dinner at the Silver Lake Family Restuarant.

After dinner we stopped by dad’s house for about an hour to visit before going to our Friday night Bible study. This is our last week of our regular Bible study as well. Quite a bit of stuff wrapping up this weekend. My plate is finally almost empty. After next weekend, I will finally be able to almost completely relax for a little bit. Especially while Min is in Houston I will probably take a few days off to just colapse.

After our Bible study, we came back home and pretty much went straight to bed. I watched one episode of As Time Goes By before actually going to bed. Min and I have very busy days tomorrow. Min and Amanda are hanging out all day tomorrow. I am picking up Eric at noon to go up to Josh’s and play some golf. Before all of that Min and I have to meet my family in Geneseo for some breakfast since it is going to be the only chance that we have to see them this weekend. They are going back to Ohio on Sunday morning. We are planning on going to church at Avon Wesleyan on Sunday because Eric is speaking at both services giving his testimony.

Oreo had to go to the vet today. He has kennel cough and isn’t feeling too well. Francesca took him. He has some medicine and should be fine soon.

One of the teachers at school today said that she had been doing a search this week and had accidentally ended up coming to SGL through a link from a site that she went to while researching a trojan horse on her computer. How cool is that? That is the second person that I have heard from in the last few weeks that has discovered the site accidentally and only afterward figured out that this was my site. We must really be getting pretty popular. Cool.

I have to get to bed early tonight so that I can handle the long day tomorrow.

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