May 21, 2005

Busy day today. Today is Josh’s bachelour party. My grandparents are still in town so Min and I are meeting them, my aunt and my dad for breakfast this morning at the Omega. We went over there at 9:00 and had breakfast. After breakfast everyone came back to see our house since they haven’t been here in a very long time and have never seen the basement since we put in some of the walls.

My family left here around 11:00. I have to leave at noon to pick up Eric so I was running around doing all of the last minute things that needed to be taken care of before leaving for the party.

I picked Eric up just a little after noon and dropped Min off to spend the day with Amanda. They are going up to the city to pick up Min’s car and then going and doing some shopping while the boys are out.

Eric and I got out to Farmington around 1:10. Phil and Chris were running a little bit late too getting out there so we all ended up racing out to the golf course. It was a slow day out on the course, apparently because of the pending storm, so there was no problem getting right out onto the tee. We had to split into two groups. Josh, Chris and I played best ball against Eric, Phil and Bob. We played 18 holes out at Victor Hills. There was no one else out on the course really and definitely no one behind us at all, we were apparently the last people of the day to decide to play even though we tee’d off at 1:20, but they still yelled at us and told us that we had to play without overlapping (I guess because we were moving too quickly and they wanted anyone who potentially played behind us to have to wait.) It ended up running too late for us to play the entire course, though, so we had to skip the last whole so that we could get some dinner and still make it to the movie. After the ninth hole, Eric, Bob and Phil decided to abandon the golf outing and head to the corner store for some Coors instead. They were almost two holes behind us when they disappeared and we couldn’t, for the longest time, figure out what had happened to them. We were on the twelth or thirteenth hole when they reappeared. We could hear them in the distance peeling out in their golf carts.

We went from golf to McGreggor’s in the south wedge. There Andy came up and met us. We had a single round and all got some quick dinner. I ordered fish and chips which, as everyone knows, is a British specialty which involves fried fish and french fries which, in England, are known as chips. The thing that is important is that there is a dish called “fish and chips” that is served at pubs which is what McGreggor’s claims to be. Well, they bring fish and potato chips. I mention this to the waitress that fish and chips is fish and fries and she tells me that “well this is how we do it.” Apparently they are just rude people trying to rip off some customers. Nothing else on their menu that is served with crisps (or as we American’s refer to them, potato chips) was listed as being “and chips” so they can’t even begin to claim that they really meant potato chips. Half of their menus is served with potato chips but the only thing on the entire menu that has the name chips in its title is the fish and chips. So there is no question that they are doing that simply to mislead people. I was very unhappy and everyone that was there agreed that it was completely ridiculous and that the waitress was very rude in the way that she dealt with it. It was like ordering a hamburger and getting turkey with gravy and being told “well, that is how WE do hamburgers.” I don’t think that I will be choosing McGreggor’s ever again. I can get treated poorly at many less expensive restaurants that at least serve what I order.

Tonight was my second time through Star Wars: Episode III along with Andy and Bob while Chris, Josh, Eric and Phil were all seeing it for the first time. I can’t believe that this crew, after all of this time, didn’t manage to go see it on opening night. It doesn’t seem possible. Even Min went opening day. I guess this is how you can tell that we really are getting old. At least a few of us are at least attempting to fend it off for a little while. I wonder if Tanner made it out on opening night. You know: Tanner_the_Jedi_Master

Andy and Eric took off after the movie. Eric has to speak at church twice tomorrow and Andy has to work so they need to get home and get some sleep. The rest of us went back to Phil and Kate’s place. Josh and I stopped by Tops to pick up a few things (some bachelour parties are Topsless but not this one… ha ha – oh brother) before going over to meet everyone. We all watched Team America which only Phil and Chris had seen before. I can’t say that it is one of my favourite movies. In fact, I definitely suggest that no one ever watch it. But if you are into puppets, I guess go knock yourself out (I mean, whack yourself over the head with something hard until you pass out instead of watching that movie.)

I drove Chris home up to the city and then swung down to Farmington to drop off Josh and Bob who is staying at Josh’s house. Then back home to Geneseo. It was about 4:30 when I finally got home and got into bed. Boy was I tired.

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