May 26, 2005

I was very glad to not have to work last night. Only having a two day week is really nice, especially when it is Monday/Tuesday and I get a six day weekend to go with it!

I putzed around the house this morning until 10:30 when I had to go up to Rochester to meet with someone from work. We had lunch at the McGreggor’s on Jefferson Road. I have never actually been there before but it is practically identical to the one on Gregory in the South Wedge. Nothing special but the place is all right. The atmosphere is very “low end bar” but the food is okay. As long as you know about their annoying fish and chips policy.

This afternoon, Mary and Jocelyn were heading up to Rochester to go to Borders to look for A+ books. So we all decided to go. Andy, Min and I went with them and made an evening of it. We all went book shopping and spent a bit of time at Borders. Min was very happy because she managed to get a couple of knitting books and magazines.

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