May 27, 2005

Today is Min’s last day of teaching for the year (season.) She had finals for the first half of the day and then had basically a fun day for the afternoon. I went up to Greece and spent a good part of the afternoon hanging with Craig. I went up and visited him at his new house. He has been there for a little while but I haven’t seen it yet. He lives in Greece not too far from the lake. Megan used to live very near there. Only a few blocks away from where Josh, Andy and I used to live at Greenleaf. We hung out and had coffee out on the patio. I wasn’t able to stay there long, though, because I had to get back down to pick Min up so that we could get out to Farmington for the wedding rehearsal this evening.

I got home right at 4:00. Min and I loaded up the car with whatever we needed for the evening and drove out to Farmington. The tent was already set up in the Farmbrook Park when we arrived. It really looks like there is going to be a wedding here. We got there at just the right time. We mingled with everyone getting ready to go over to the Granger Homestead for about fifteen minutes and then we all loaded into the cars and caravaned on down to the wedding locale.

The wedding (and ergo the rehearsal) is taking place at the Granger Homestead. The Granger Homestead is a historic building in Canandaigua that reminds you of being at one of the buildings at the Genesee Country Museum. Only there is only a single building plus a carriage museum. It is coincidental that both places have similar carriage museums. But that really isn’t very interesting.

After the rehearsal, everyone went back up to Josh and Jo’s for the rehearsal dinner. Phil, Bob and I had to run up to Eastview Mall to get Bob’s tux because everyone had forgotten about it and we were really down to the last minute. So we ran up there to take care of it tonight since waiting until tomorrow would really be asking for trouble. I had to take him up because Bob was without a car and everyone else was busy with the dinner.

It was decently late by the time we left Farmington to go home. Probably around 10:00. On the way home, I discovered that by taking Buffalo Street in Canandaigua, I am able to shave off a couple of minutes and a couple of miles of city driving between Josh’s house and mine. That will make the trip a little bit easier. Especially as we make this trip over and over again over the next few days.

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