May 28, 2005

Today is the wedding. I decided to stay at home last night to make logistics easier this morning even though it meant considerably more driving. I got out to Josh’s at 8:55 – five minutes before Josh told me to be out there but he was already calling me by then to see where I was. Even when I am early I don’t get any credit for it.

Josh, Phil, Bob and I spent most of the morning getting the decorating done for the reception. We set up tables, chairs and did almost all of the setup in the tent. The tent was up the night before so we didn’t have to worry about that this morning. That was a relief. We would never have been able to deal with that today. We had been planning on playing golf this morning but we ended up barely being able to get everything done and to get to the wedding. After getting the decorating done, the four of us had to run up to Eastview Mall so that Josh could get his hair cut. Luckily we walked into the mall and there was a place right there that had no line so he was able to get right in or we would have been in big trouble. He managed to get right in and out. We ran across the street to Amiel’s and grabbed subs to go and ate them back at Josh’s while we took showers in shifts. We weren’t able to shower previously because we had been working outside so we were tight for time.

Phil and I went over to the Granger Homestead first to get everything in order since Josh wasn’t quite ready yet. Min and Andy were about the first ones there (unlike at Phil and Kate’s wedding where Min and Jenn were incredibly late.) It was kind of funny that Min and Andy sat together at Josh’s wedding where Phil, Bob and I were the best men since Min first sat just behind Andy and Josh at Phil’s wedding where I was the best man. Funny how things turn around like that. I bet no one else even noticed how that worked.

Bob and Josh made it over not too far behind us. Phil and Bob got everyone seated and we got the show rolling pretty promtly. The weather was absolutely perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a better day for the wedding. The rain held off for all of the times that there were actual wedding activities going on but the sun didn’t get so warm that it was ever uncomfortable.

The wedding went smoothly and afterwards we all headed over to Josh and JoAnna’s for the reception. Having the “village” park right next to their house really worked out well since they were able to put the reception tent onto the park lawn but it faced their house and blended right into their lawn it was really cool. Very easy to deal with. We got over to the reception around 5:00. Dinosaur BBQ arrived to do the catering at 5:30. We partied on until about 9:00 when people started to move on. Min and Andy took off and I stayed around to help out for a little while. I didn’t head home till around 10:00 or maybe a little bit later. Over at SGL2 there are three audio postings from the reception that you should go and check out.

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