June 21, 2005

I woke up on my own at 8:00 this morning. I can’t believe that. I decided not to jump out of bed and layed around until 9:00 or so and then checked my mail and stuff before leaving the hotel. I am glad that I stayed in Ithaca last night because I don’t have to drive anywhere this morning. Makes for an easier day today. And I am never ready for bed right as I leave Wegmans so it worked out well.

My first stop today was up to Varna. Georgia, who works at Lifstyle Properties, is having problems with her laptop so I am going up there to take a look at it.

Georgia’s laptop ended up only taking half an hour at most. That worked out perfectly for my schedule today. Then I headed off to Trumansburg to spend the rest of the day.

I thought that I was going to get to Steve’s house a little early and that he was still going to be in the study recording when I got there. But he was sitting on the front porch with his bass player when I arrived. They had wrapped up early because he had a switch short out and blow an effects box. So that ended their recording session early.

Steve and I hung out for a little while before going downtown (T-Burg that is) to the Little Venice. I got my usual, the amazing fried eggplant parmesian and some very good mozzarella sticks. I know, not the healthiest lunch, but boy was it good. Min is completely off of her South Beach diet now. It really was a bad diet because it created massive cravings and now she needs sweets constantly. Many of the concepts of the South Beach Diet are okay but the bottom line is, if you make a diet so difficult that it makes you think about food all of the time, you are already doomed. You will create your own cravings and in no time you will not have the will power to continue on the diet and when you call off the wagon it will be far worse than it was before.

I spent part of the afternoon working on Steve’s laptop that has been having issues connecting to the Internet on a regular basis. So I worked on that for a while. I also worked on getting him set up to listen to podcasts using iPodder. We ended up being around for a while so I had dinner over there as well before heading up to ‘Cuse to do some work.

I went to work at 7:00 pm. Tonight is the Fairmount store. While working, I listened to the rest of David McCullough’s “1776”, it was very good. It was an interesting approach to the time period looking just at the events of that one year in American history with only a tiny bit of the time just before and after to add some context. Tomorrow, I am going to start listening to “The Island At The Center of the World” which I am very interested in listening to. It is about the history of the Dutch colony at New York.

I wrapped up really early tonight and managed to be in the car heading home by 12:10am! Not bad at all. Andy and Min were both still awake when I arrived home. Min finished work at 11:00, her second night at the Genseo Inn – soon to be the Quality Inn. Tomorrow night she is doing her first audit there. Mary is training her all three shifts this week. Boy are we realived that she is working again. And we were very excited to learn that her hotel benefits (the part of her benefits package that gives her discounts on hotel rooms) starts immediately. So I will be able to stay cheaply next week while I am in Philadelphia and again the week after when I am in Princeton. And there is a good possibility that I will have to go to South Carolina in the next few weeks so that will be perfect for that as well.

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