June 22, 2005

I was planning on sleeping into today but the phone rang incescently starting right at 8:00 so no sleeping in for me. The phone must have rang no less than once every half hour between 8:00 and noon. So I just moved to our bedroom computer and worked from there and Min attempted to keep sleeping even with the phone ringing and ringing.

I added a link on the left to iPodder because I think that it is some really awesome open source software and I think that everyone should be using it. So go download it for yourself (c’mon, it’s free) and give it a try. More importantly, it is available for Windows, Mac and UNIX (Linux, BSD, etc.) so just about anyone anwhere can use it.

Tonight is Min’s first audit at the new hotel. Her third night overall. I am working in Cicero tonight. My last night in Syracuse this week. I took off to go to work around 7:00. It is a long drive to Cicero on the far side of ‘Cuse. I started listening to “The Island at the Center of the World” on the way out now that I have finished “1776”. This book is really interesting. It talks about the newly discovered history of the New Netherland colony that existed prior to the English colonies of New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Connecticut. Very interesting stuff.

Work went very quickly tonight. I got started a few minutes late and still managed to wrap up at 11:26. That is half an hour earlier than I have ever finished before. What a good feeling. So I headed home long before I had intended to. I went to the hotel around 1:00 to visit with Min and Mary. I hung out for a while, probably until 4:00 am. Then I went home to get some sleep. Busy day tomorrow with the Microsoft show in Rochester.

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