June 23, 2005

Now that I am done with Wegmans for the week things can get really busy!

Today was the Microsoft quarterly show in Rochester. I pulled myself out of bed after four hours of sleep and got ready to go. I drove down to Leicester and picked up Jeremy – this is his second ever show. Yesterday was his last day of school for the year so he is very excited to be done with that. Min was just pulling herself out of bed when I went out the door. She got less than three hours of sleep because she worked until 7:00 am. It is worse because it was her first night back on overnights in several months so she is not used to the schedule again yet.

Jeremy and I got back to the house and we left to head to the show right about at noon with Min and Andy. The show started at 12:30 and ran until 5:00. Jeremy was pretty bored, I think, as there was very little of the show that was covering topics that he was familiar with. Andy and I had a really good time and picked up tons of useful information because this show was totally geared towards our current projects. Min was hoping that she wouldn’t be bored out of her mind as she sometimes is but it ended up working out really well and she really enjoyed the session that she attended and had a lot of things to tell me about when she was through.

Dominica went straight to bed as soon as we got into the house in the hopes of getting slightly rested up before having to go back to work again. She had managed to get a hold of her manager, Chic, who said that she didn’t even have to come in tonight if she didn’t want to or she could come in for part of the shift or something. So she wasn’t too worried about being too tired.

Min and Mary started their shift, their last one together, at 11:00. I went down around 11:15 after watching an episode of Red Dwarf Season Six with Andy to work with the two of them and Jocelyn on their A+ exam material. I got there and for some reason they had sent Jocelyn over to the house to meet me there but thought that she might have gone to Wegmans first since we hadn’t crossed paths yet. So I ran up to Wegmans and found her there in line just checking out and we drove back down to the hotel. Min and Mary were very busy at the beginning of their shift so Jocelyn and I went back to the house for a little while.

While we were waiting we watched two or three episodes of Coupling Season One which is one of Jocelyn’s favourite shows since I introduced her and Mary to them a week or two ago. We drank a small bottle of ice wine during the show. We really need to work through all of this white wine that we have that isn’t going to last very much longer. Min and Mary hadn’t called yet to say that they weren’t going to be busy but we knew that they wanted a pizza and Mama Mia’s has gotten into the habit of closing early without warning so we wanted to get down there and get a pizza before it was too late. Their official hours are until 3:00 am but they sometimes close earlier which is really cruel to those of us who routinely wait to order a pizza from them because we know that they are open late.

We went downtown and ordered the pizzas for dinner and then walked around Main Street waiting for the pizzas to be ready. They were ready around 1:15. Then we took them over to the hotel and had a late night snack with Min and Mary. The hotel was relatively busy, however, so we didn’t get to hang out there for very long and decided that we shouldn’t stay so we came back to the house. Jocelyn and I ended up sitting out on the porch going over A+ material until Min got home sometime between 5:00 am and 6:00 am. Then we sat out for a little while with her as she was winding down. Min and I ended up going to bed a little after 6:00.

Mary came over sometime around 9:00 to pick up Jocelyn. Neither of them was around when I got up in the morning.

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