June 24, 2005

TGIF! I was up early this morning with only three hours of sleep. Ugh. I was supposed to go up to Greece to spend the morning with Craig. No sooner was I awake than the phone just started ringing and ringing. Everyone needed me to do something or else. So I ended up rescheduling with Craig for the afternoon and then eventually cancelling altogether because I just got so busy. So I spent the entire morning and early afternoon working on a couple of different projects for different companies. What a busy day.

At 5:15, Dad came over with Oreo to drop him off for his weekend stay with his parents. Oreo is always very excited to see us. He loves us SO much! Then Dad, Min and I went to the Omega Grill to get their Friday Night FIsh Fry. They have changed their batter recipe and it is really good now. They were packed as they are every Friday night. Min got her baked fish and Dad and I got the fry up.

Min and I got home and Jeremy was already at the house playing Call of Duty down in the basement. Andy was just pulling out of the driveway so that he could go to Avon and pick up Tony. We were only home for about fifteen minutes playing with the dog before we had to go over to Jim and Susie’s house at No. 20 for the semi-annual Thornapple Homeowner’s Association meeting. That ran from 7:00 till almost 9:00. We got back and no one had started playing yet. Apparently the party doesn’t start without us. So we called the Ralstons and got the game moving. We didn’t play too late, just till around midnight. Then Min, Andy and I watched a little bit of Red Dwarf. I went to bed a few hours before Min and Oreo did. She slept most of the day while I was working. But I was totally exhausted.

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