June 25, 2005

I slept in LATE today. Boy was I tired last night. I woke up around noon but didn’t get out of bed because Oreo was being so snuggly. He is starting to get comfortable with us and we think that he has finally realized that we are his permanent family now. He seems to be much more happy. We spent a lot of the afternoon playing with him. He loves staying with us because we spend so much time with him.

We decided that we wanted to go to the drive-in this evening so we called the Ralstons to see if they wanted to go with us. They are often bored on Saturday afternoons. So they decided that that sounded like a good idea. Min called and the drive-in allows dogs so we are taking Oreo with us. He loves going anywhere in the car and is very comfortable sleeping in the car so he will be very happy to be going with us. Pizza and ice cream for dinner sounded awfully good to me so I am pretty excited. We are going to see Herbie: Fully Loaded which is, I believe, the sixth Herbie movie (No. 1: The Love Bug, No. 2: Herbie Goes Bananas, No. 3: Herbie Rides Again, No. 4: Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and No. 5: The Bruce Campbell Remake Herbie).

So I am posting early today before we go to the movies. Have a good weekend everyone. Min and I are going to church with Eric and Amanda tomorrow morning for Julie and Rachel’s dedication. Then we are zipping off to Frankfort for Min’s cousin Glen’s High School Graduation Party. We will be home around 7:00, we think. I am working in Philadelphia on Monday, if I have my schedule right, and will be around the rest of the week.

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