June 30, 2005

The year is half over. How time does fly. I really don’t think that there is any good reason to write about how time flies in a diary site like this but I do it so deal with it. 😛

Min had me help her to disassemble her computer desk/armoir today which was no small task. Just unloading all of the junk from it was a major undertaking. Then, once the contents of the desk were strewn across the bedroom, Min got to have the fun task of actually taking the unit apart. It is a large, heavy unit that can’t be moved as a single piece. So that was a major project in and of itself as well. All in all, it took several hours to get the unit moved from the bedroom to the living room just about ten feet away. Then it had to be reassembled and then we had to get it hooked up with a computer and filled with books and this and that.

We were rushing to get the living room back into reasonable order before Eric and Amanda came over to hang out. They were coming over to visit after going to Rachel’s soccer practice. They arrived around 8:15 and we ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut. Food from there is SO expensive. It must literally cost double what it costs to get pizza from anywhere else in town. It is ridiculous. Their pizza is good but it is only my third or fourth favourite just in Geneseo alone and not worth the price at all. (News from the rumor mill – Geneseo is getting an Applebys, Home Depot AND an Olive Garden this year. Yay!)

PH doesn’t deliver so Eric and I had to run out and pick up the pizza. What a pain. Just another reason why I stick with Mia’s when it is up to me. He and Amanda needed some Julia supplies so we went over to Wegmans before getting the pizza.

We got home with the pizza and we all sat out on the porch eating. That didn’t last long, though, because the insect were absolutely out of control and not everyone fit comfortably inside of the screening. So Eric and I ended up heading inside.

One of the great new features of the layout of the living room is that the comuter that goes onto the computer desk can act as a television for the living room. That was part of our plan from the beginning. So Eric and I popped in some Red Dward Season Five and watched a couple of episodes while the girls hung out on the deck.

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