July 1, 2005

Today was enjoy the deck day. Min got the umbrella set up on the deck earlier this week and got the screen attached to it so we have a semi-enclosure out on the deck to hang out in now. This afternoon I went out and help Min get the screen bottom filled with water to hold it down. Once we did that it started working better and we were actually able to start using it.

I took the laptop out onto the deck and did what work I could from out there. The weather was very pleasent so it worked really well being outside for most of the day. Andy came out and hung out for quite a while too. He and Min decided that they wanted to party tonight so they called Mary and Jocelyn and convinced them to come over to party and then they went out to get party supplies at Wegmans.

Oreo is with us today so he got to hang out with us on the deck all day. He really enjoyed that. He is such a good dog. He just gets up onto a deck chair beside the one that I am on and sleeps beside me. It is very sweet.

The party got started after Jocelyn brought Mary over after work. That was about 11:45. So we got started pretty late. Min, Jocelyn and Andy were all asleep around 3:30 but Mary and I kept on going until around 5:30. We were all sitting around the living room watching first Season One of Coupling and then moving on to Season Three!

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