July 2, 2005

I was planning on doing all kinds of work today but that didn’t end up happening at all. Min slept in late after partying last night. As always after a party, I was up pretty early. Not sure how that works but it seems to always work out that way. I was up by 9:30 (yeah, that is four hours of sleep) and I didn’t use an alarm or anything. I was just wide awake and got up.

Dad called at 11:00 to make lunch plans and came over to pick up Min and I at 11:30. Mary and Jocelyn moved from sleeping on the futon to sleeping in Min and my bedroom so that they could avoid the crowds around the house. Mary has to work at 3:00 so she needs to get her sleep in now.

We had lunch at the Omega and then dad came over and hung up Min and my wedding quilt which has been waiting to be mounted on the wall since our wedding! Yeah, that is a LONG time for the quilt to be waiting. There is only one wall in the entire house that is able to fit the quilt but luckily it just fit. It looks really awesome hanging on the living room wall. Hopefully I will be able to get a picture of it for everyone soon. It is good timing getting it hung because we just got the living room totally reorganized as well so it is almost like having an entirely new house.

Mary and Jocelyn finally got up around 1:30 and had some breakfast before Mary had to go to work. Dad left around the same time.

After everyone left, Min decided that she really, really needed to go shopping up in the city. She has just received a $50 gift card to Michael’s craft store and wants to go look at yarn. So she finally convinced me to go with her (ugh) and we headed up to the city. I dropped Min off at Michael’s and I went on to Office Depot to look at desk options for our bedroom. Now that our bedroom computer desk/armoir has been moved to the living room we need something in our bedroom. We use computers in almost every room of the house all of the time so we really need to just realize that we do this and set the house up to work as well with that going on as possible. So far so good.

I managed to find a small metal and glass computer cart that I thought would be a good fit for our bedroom. We need something really small. The old desk was just huge and it caused a lot of problems. So we are looking for something that will take up a lot less space and be less of a focal point in the room. I didn’t feel comfortable deciding on the desk all by myself so I went back over to Michael’s and got Min and brought her back to look at it.

Min wasn’t totally thrilled with the desk but finally admitted that it was a very practicable style and that the cost really was a big deal since it was considerably less than anything else that we had looked at anywhere. So we decided to go with it. Then I drove her back to Michael’s and I went to Borders to kill some time since there is nothing for me to look at at Michael’s at all.

We got home from shopping around 7:00. It took us several hours to get nothing but a small computer cart and some clearance knitting needles. Andy came home with Tony just a few minutes after we got in. They all decided that they wanted to play a little AoE2 so I agreed. I shouldn’t have. We have been playing too much recently and it is wearing on me. I am starting to lose my ability to be interested in the game or to concentrate on it at all. We have just played so much. I think that I might be pretty close to calling it quits on that game. Time to retire it and move onto something a little bit newer and, hopefully, more involved. It is sad but this has been a mainstay game for all of us for several years now so we can’t say that we haven’t gotten tons of use out of it. I just hope that something comes along soon that has the same kind of excitement and longetivity for us. So far only Quake II, Quake III and Age of Empires II have lasted at all. Call of Duty is good but has never gotten the game play of the others. And Quake III hasn’t had nearly the game play of Quake II. Really Q2 and AoE2 are in categories of their own.

Speaking of video games, I suggest that everyone on a Windows machine that can remember the days of Spy Hunter on the Apple ][ go and download Highway Pursuit which is a really rocking remake of the game using 3D acceleration. It isn’t the most amazing game ever but it is super addicting for a free game. And, maybe you didn’t catch this, it is free. For people who are really into free games, don’t forget that the Anonymous Game Developers are still hard at work making Sierra classic remakes that blow away the originals. There are still only two remakes completed but the third one promises to be very good and I am really looking forward to it releasing. I have mentioned them on here before but it has been a long time. So if you haven’t tried out their games yet, go download King’s Quest I and II. You will be glad that you did. The originals of these games were some of my favourite games ever. But keep in mind that they were made on 16-bit early PC’s (anyone remember the IBM PC Jr.? My dad almost bought that computer for my family before deciding on the much cooler Commodore Amiga 1000.

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