July 9, 2005

Min is leaving for Houston with Francesca and the girls. They are driving down today and will arrive late tomorrow. Then Min is flying home very early Monday morning. Hopefully nothing goes wrong on the drive down or Min will miss her flight back. Even more of a possibility is that the hurricane that is expected to hit us on Monday will affect her trying to fly out of Houston or flying through Atlanta.

Oreo decided to get me up twice during the night. He wasn’t interested in sleeping in late. So he first got me up after four hours of sleep and then again after just less than two more hours. I am bound to never get any real sleep this week!

Min got out of bed around a quarter till 10:00. She wanted to use my Samsung YEPP on her trip to Houston so I worked hard this morning attempting to listen to all of the book that I am currently working on. Not long before Francesca was due to arrive, I finally finished listening to “Sea of Glory” which details the United States’ first naval exploratory exbitition to explore the South Pacific, Pacific Northwest, Antarctica and to circumnavigate the globe.

Min left for Houston right at noon. She has a long car ride in front of her. I am glad that I am not driving all of that way today. I spent the afternoon hanging out with Oreo. He is only here for the afternoon and then he has to go back to dad’s for the weekend. I won’t be here enough to take care of him while I am away. Andy went to Batavia this afternoon to see what he could do about finding an apartment. It is going to be difficult because Batavia is such a small place that they aren’t likely to have any kind of rental information the way that regular cities do.

I am almost delirious with lack of sleep this afternoon. I am having a terrible time staying awake and I am getting really bad heart burn from being so tired. I really wanted to take a nap but there just wasn’t ever a gap of time long enough to safely take one. Everything is so perfectly spread out today that there is no time for anything.

I left for dad’s at 4:00. I have to get dinner, gas and drop off the dog all on the way to work so I have to get moving awfully early. Plus I have to arrive early tonight because the store that I am working at is closing tonight at 6:00 and locking its doors so it will be a pain if I don’t get there early. Hopefully I will be home between 10:00 and 11:00 if all goes well. I am going to post early to get everyone caught back up on the events of the last few days and give everyone a decent idea of where Min and I both are and Orea in case you need him as well.

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