July 24, 2005

With Min and my overnight schedules, getting to church has been nearly impossible. We got up around 11:00 this morning. It was very nice to have Oreo around to snuggle with.

Dad came over just after noon and took Min and I to lunch at the Omega Grill. Today is Min’s last day on the first phase of the South Beach diet. We are very excited about her being able to eat more normal food again. It has been terrible trying to eat together for the past two weeks.

After lunch, Min, dad and I went over to Walmart and did some quick shopping. I found the video game, “The Bard’s Tale” which I have been waiting for for a while. Back in 1987 I used to play the original Electronic Arts “Bard’s Tale” game on a Commodore Amiga 1000. But there was a flaw in the game and I wasn’t able to complete it. BT was one of the infamous EA “Class of ’86” collection of video games that did loads to build the company. I spent tons of time playing that game. It was one of my favourtie games of all time. I think that I still have notes that I took while playing the game sitting around my parent’s house somewhere. The cool thing about this new version of “The Bard’s Tale” is that it comes with all three of the original BT games from the 1980’s. I am happy to own copies of them again. They are some of the last classic video games that I want to get. I already own the entire “Pool of Radiance” AD&D collection from SSI. And all of the original Sierra King’s Quest games. This new BT game requires a GeForce FX 5200 but recommends a 5700. That is the highest requirement that I have seen yet on any game. Unfortunately, that means that we can’t play the game yet because Min doesn’t have a new graphics card yet. Once she gets it, which should be early this week, then we will be able to fire up the game. I am anxious but am pretty sure that it won’t be very good.

Mary fell on the stairs today and hurt her ankle and wasn’t able to go into work. Min got called in to work from 5:00 till 8:00 to help cover the shift.

Andy and I played CircleMUD this afternoon while Min knit on the couch before going to work. Dad left Oreo here for the day and is picking him up this evening so that he doesn’t have to be alone at dad’s house while dad is visiting with grandma. Andy is really enjoying playing CircleMUD now that he is getting into it.

After playing for several hours, Art logged onto the CircleMUD server from home and started playing. He put in a few hours on the game himself. He thought that it wasn’t going to be very good but ended up really liking it.

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