July 25, 2005

I left to go to Ithaca right after Min left to go to work in Geneseo. I figured that I would, for once, get down to Ithaca way ahead of time so that I could get checked into the hotel and be all relaxed before going into work. So I left around 3:00 and got to the Comfort Inn in Ithaca around 5:00. That gave me over three hours before I had to go into Wegmans.

I got into work a little bit earlier than I had meant to but it gave me a chance to get a good head start on the evening. I called Bob to let him know that I was in town at the Wegmans. He said that he would stop by to see what was going on when he was done with stuff for the evening.

Bob came by and visited me at Wegmans around 10:30. I was moving along really well so he hung out until I wrapped up just before midnight. Then we headed out to the commons to attempt to find a bar that was still open. That isn’t the easiest thing to do on a Monday night in the summer in Ithaca where closing time is 1:00 as it is. We eventually settled on Moonshadows and got one drink each before they closed. Then we went down to our old haunt, the State Street Diner and got some late, late night dinner.

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