July 26, 2005

I didn’t get out of the hotel until a quarter after noon. The room wasn’t really cold enough for me and that always makes me sleep much longer than I normally would.

I spent the afternoon working in the Varna area. It worked out well that there was some work to be done in the area so that I was really able to make use of my time down here. I ended up being very busy today. Then it was off to work in Syracuse.

I got to Syracuse a bit early so I went to the mall and did a little shopping at Borders. I did manage to find the book Planning Extreme Programming that I have been looking for so I picked that up. Then I went over to Wegmans on James St.

I got to Wegmans and was still way too early so I drove around the area looking for someplace that had pizza. I got a couple of slices and then went back to work.

Work went well and I managed to wrap up very early but they had some issue at corporate and I wasn’t able to leave the store until almost 1:30. That sucked. I had been hoping to have been home by that time.

During the trip out I have been listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (HP6) on CD. Both Min and I bought it on the day that it released. She got it in hardcover and I got it on CD as I always do. She finished it days ago. On the way home tonight, I made it to the last few minutes of the book. It was good. One of the best ones yet, I think.

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